We shoot custom aerial photographs from the air, approximately 500 to 8000 feet above ground level, of your place of business, construction site, or home, or school. Check our gallery page in order to view actual photos that we have shot. We may utilize helicopters or airplanes depending on the requirements of the job. Helicopters allow us to fly low and slow and offer the best results at lower altitudes. Airplanes are best for higher altitude shots or for shooting large areas of land up to several square miles.

We cover the Inland Empire, Orange County and South to the San Diego area.

Why Use Aerial Photography?

There is no better type of photograph that makes people stop and take notice.

Most people don’t have the opportunity to see the world from this perspective, and if they do, it’s usually from 30,000 feet.

An aerial photo takes something that you may see every day and makes it a special Gift.

An aerial photo makes a great gift for “that person who has everything”.

It also makes a great “Thank You” gift for clients or customers.

Websites and Advertising-An aerial photo of your business on your website, or in an ad, gives your company a professional presence, and helps you to stand out from the competition.

Real Estate Sales-Whether it is a commercial or residential property, nothing shows a waterfront property or acreage better than an oblique aerial image. Aerial photos are an essential tool for everyone from the seller, to the buyer, to the lender, to the planner.

Construction Progress- A series of aerial images can track the building process from clearing the land, to laying the foundation, to the completion of the project.

Construction progress packages are sold in 4 month, monthly, every two weeks and even weekly increments.

Aerial photos provide third party documentation, which may be important should a dispute arise.

Aerial photos may also be forwarded to owners, investors, lenders, architects, and engineers, as progress reports.

Company Morale Booster- Aerial photos also make great gifts for employers to give to employees at company picnics and banquets.  

RV Parks, Campgrounds and Marinas- Aerial photos are the best way to show the sites available for clients and how to get around in the park, as well as an essential marketing tool for advertising and websites. 

For Insurance- Capture all the buildings and structures on your property as a permanent record. 

Vanity- Just because it is attractive and it is your property and you like having it on your wall to look at it in your office, your boardroom, and your hallway.